Digital Project Management, web design Hong Kong

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Digitalin Consulting: Project Management, Web Design Hong Kong

Digital consulting, Web design Hong Kong.

Digitalin Consulting helps you define and implement your digital strategy to increase your profitability and develop your brand awareness, while boosting your competitive edge. For more information:

⊕ Services:

Digital Audit / Business Analysis: we analyse your processes, digital tools and communication channels in place. We advise you on the appropriate solutions to implement in order to increase your productivity, achieve your business objectives, minimize your costs and improve your services quality.

Digital Project Management: from initiation to solution implementation and go-live, we manage all the phases of your digital projects. We create the functional specifications, help you define the budget and planning, select the vendors, monitor the execution and tests (UAT) to make sure that you get what you expected.

Change Management: on-boarding your operation teams on new technologies and new tools for their daily work can be a nightmare. We help you define and implement a strategy to insure a smooth transition to your new digital solutions.

Webdesign & website localization (adaptation to market): we create original and innovative campaign or corporate websites using the latest stable technologies and trends. Our websites are optimized for all devices and you can administrate them. If you plan on targeting China for example, translating your site in mandarin will not be enough. You will have to adapt to the culture to deliver appropriate content and display. We will help you understand your audience and advise you on the necessary adaptations.

Social Media Strategy: we help you plan and setup your presence on all major social media platforms – Facebook, Weibo, Google+, Twitter… If you plan on targeting China, it is essential that you manage your brand image on Social Media.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO/SEM): being online is useless if you are not found easily. We always use latest Search Engine rules to maximise your appearance in search results.

⊕ Specialties:
Business Analysis, Digital Project Management, Process improvement, Web design

⊕ Project types:
Marketplace, E-commerce platform, CRM, Intranet portal, Specific web application (supply chain, logistics, internal & external processes,…), Crowdfunding platform, Campaign & corporate website, Collateral digital production (banners), CMS (SharePoint, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,…), Mobile application,…

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