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Easy Taxi Hong Kong - Quickly find a Taxi - ATmag

Easy Taxi Hong Kong : quickly find a taxi in Hong Kong.

If you are struggling trying to get a taxi during shift rotations, or late at night, on the peak,…, or in fact anytime and anywhere, try Easy Taxi. Believe, this application will change your life! Originally built in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Easy Taxi is available in 26 countries, and now Hong Kong.

The application very easy to use. Once you created your profile, you just click on “Request taxi” and after few seconds, a taxi driver will call you to confirm and tell when he will arrive. And it is free!


  • Taxi Tracking: Follow your taxi’s location in real time and get an estimated time of arrival.
  • Driver Details: See your driver’s details so you know who is picking you.
  • Ride History: Forget something in the taxi?  No problem, you have easy access to your ride history so that you can contact the driver.
  • Favorite Locations: For even faster service, just save your frequently visited locations.

Web Application
Easy Taxi website

Download link App Store (IOS)
Download link Google Play (Android)

Easy Taxi Hong Kong - Quickly find a Taxi - ATmag

Easy Taxi Hong Kong screen – Quickly find a Taxi – ATmag