Rock climbing Shek O : bouldering and climbing

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Rock Climbing - Shek O - Hong Kong - ATmag

Rock climbing Shek O : a great bouldering and climbing spot in HK

Hong Kong certainly doesn’t offer as much as Fontainebleau. However if you look around, you will discover that it still offer great rock climbing spots, within which Shek O will seduce you. Why? Because it is easily reachable and because you can bring your not-climbing friends / girlfriends, who will still enjoy a great picnic and lazy afternoon along the sea. You can do both bouldering and climbing and it is for all level, beginners included.

Perfect for a sunny Sunday, together with a barbecue on the beach!

For more information and guides, visit Hong Kong Climbing
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Bouldering - Shek O - Hong Kong - ATmag

Bouldering / rock climbing Shek O – Hong Kong


Climbing - Shek O - Hong Kong - ATmag

Climbing Shek O – Hong Kong