Wedding dress Hong Kong : Noel Chu Wedding Gallery for a perfect wedding gown

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Noel Chu Wedding Gallery - Wedding dresses - ATmag

Noel Chu wedding Gallery in Hong Kong: get your dream wedding gown.

If for this magical day of your life you are looking for the perfect wedding dress, the one that will make you feel so special, you definitely have to meet Noel Chu. Noel is a very talented designer who creates tailor-made gowns that will fit you perfectly. She listens to you and understands you. For Noel, you are unique, no a bride of many, and she will make your dream dress.

Address: 1102 Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2380 6381
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Wedding dress Hong Kong - Noel Chu - ATmag

Wedding dress Hong Kong – Noel Chu – ATmag